If Studying MBBS is Your Dream, Make it Come True Through Smart Disha Academy. Various oppertunities are there to study at Top International Medical Universities Abroad.


  • M.B.B.S Degree/ Universities are Approved/ Recognised by Medical Council of India and other International Medical Boards.
  • Recognised by WHO, UNESCO, European Union, IMED.
  • Government/ Public owned Top Ranking Medical Universites.
  • Universities have renowned lectureers & visiting faculties from acrodd the globe.
  • State of the art Class Room, Laboratories and Surgical Theatres with modern and well equipped instruments & high-tech medical gadgets.
  • Library with ample of Books/ CDs on modern Medical Education.
  • Highly reasonable cost of studies as well as living.
  • Thousands of students have completed the Medical Education and now doing practice or Government & Private jobs in India as well as all over the World.
  • Eligible for the USMLE( United States Medical Licensing Examination).
  • FAIMER recognised( Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research).


  • Pre-assessment & Guidance.
  • Official Admission Letter & Registration.
  • Invitation letter from University.
  • Attestation from HRD & External Affairs.
  • VISA confirmation letter from Embassy.
  • Immigration clearance assistance.
  • Airport pick-up, Accomodation.
  • General Orientation Program.
  • Education Loan Assistance.
  • Scholarshhip Programmes.


  • Student should have completed age of 17 years on or before 31st  December.
  • Student should have obtained 50% marks (PCB) in the 12th standard examination.
  • SC/ST and OBC category students are eligible with 40% marks.

Hurry !!!

Limited seats are available.
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Team Smart Disha




The Immigration Division of Smart Disha Academy (SDA) deals with providing solutions for country-specific immigration matters. Our specialization is for Student Visa and Visa for PR (Canada, Australia and New Zealand), although we assist in preparing Visitors Visa at a time to our clients. We also process applications for LIMA if candidates get offer of employment, and Investment Visa leading to Family Green Card to USA, or PR Canada or Australia.

Our research team continuously works towards identifying the best possible opportunity abroad that fits either for studies or for PR, or we advise what alternative can legally be explored. We take second opinion from a battery of immigration lawyers like MARA or ICCRC members specialised in their respective fields. Be assured of the best and satisfactory services in immigration matters.


Student Visa: Canada

It is advisable to study in Canada for which the fees are reasonable, and yet settlement after study is possible. Perhaps for this reason alone, Canada is the hottest destination for student visa now. Other than being a peace-loving country, it has immense opportunity to prosper in every field one can think of. One example, education is free till 12th Standard for the children of citizens and PRs. For further details, kindly contact in person.

Student Visa: Australia

Australia is one of the priority countries to study and settle, not because it is a weather-friendly country, but ecologically the country offers best in terms of settlement. Although rules and regulations may not remain attractive all the time with regard to immigration, still, Australia offers best education in certain fields perhaps no other country can think of. Fees are arguably high for Indian students in comparison to NZ and Canada.

Student Visa: USA

USA is considered as the country of opportunities, it is true, as it offers best education incomparable US, but it will enable us to do the best across the globe in the field we study from USA. It is obvious that the fees are very high, and unlike Australia, Canada and NZ, the students have to face the Visa Officer to satisfy the purpose of their study.

Student Visa to EU

Cost involvement for studying from EU is considerably affordable for Indian students. The best thing is that after studying, one can work and settle in any of the EU nations. Particularly in Medical Sciences (MBBS or MDs) the courses are MCI approved. Although medium of education is English, still the local language may pose as the barrier to work while studying. These countries are the best to study as they don’t demand IELTS, TOEFL or GRE kind of necessities. The fees are very low, and Visa refusal is even lower.



Canada, Australia and NZ are the destinations where PR is directly possible, and moreover, sought after by Indians. For all these countries, the criteria is different for different programs. What is common in all these countries are that the eligibility is determined based on similar factors, in some, we require IELTS or French, and in other we require IELTS/TOEFL or PTE Score, other than validation of education equivalency. All these determining factors reflect points to become eligible. In all these countries there are some occupations which are high in demand.  The best time to explore possibility is when an applicant is between 25 to 32 years of age, and has one to five years of experience.


PR to Canada/ Australia/ New Zealand:

Canada invites application from foreign experienced working people to work and settle, so that they economically support the country. There is a general class of immigration, typically called Federal Skilled Workers, Provincial Nomination Programs (from occupation-in-demand in some provinces like Saskatchewan to Express Entry occupations). Express Entry under FSW demands 67 points, whereas SINP demand 60 points, Quebec demands 49 or 57 points depending upon whether the applicant is single or married. We the best expertise to determine where your candidature fits into, but one thing is certain, with at least one year of experience in the field education is a must.  Only IELTS and French score are required for Canada PR. There are almost 100 occupations one can apply for.

Similar to that of Canada, Australia also offers general visa to potential international workers, for which an applicant has to score 60 points. The only difference is that one need not carry or show fund while immigrating to Australia or to become eligibility. Any one of the three, IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score can be taken for PR to Australia. Occupation list is revised every year in the month of July.

Determining factors for PR to New Zealand is similar to that of Australia except the minimum eligibility points, which is 100. Please feel free to contact us how best your candidature can fit into, and for which country. Please be advised and informed that we will simply say no, if your profile does not match the requirement, but at the same time would never guarantee approval of visa from any country either. Our consultation fee is reasonably on the higher side as we practice with transparency and accountability. To remain update regarding PR to these countries, please be advised to refer the respective official websites from time to time.

e.g https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/sinp-in-demand-occupation-list



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