This is an article which will enable you to develop your self-confidence. All of us know that what others say has an impact, but we have more control over our own thoughts and feelings than we recognize. Most people use lot of negative self talk. This is a big reason for loss of self confidence. While it is true that we have to change some of our other behaviors, we should start with how we talk to ourselves. Self confidence affirmations will go a long way making this an integral part of our lives.
Some of the things we say to ourselves may be true to an extent, but we should change the way we say them so that they are positive. We may base some of our self talk on events that did happen in our lives and things that are true, but what we can change is our perspectives. For example, you may be beating yourself up over something you have done or failed to do in the past. Rather than continue to remind yourself of the mistake or keep dwelling on the fact that those around you have not made the same mistake, a better idea would be to remind yourself that, “I try my best, but nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. There are a lot of mistakes that others make that I don’t make. This just happened to be mine.”

Important thing is not to deny truths, because untrue statements do not lead to self confidence. We know the truth about ourselves, so saying things that we do not really believe will not help. For example, if we tell ourselves, “I didn’t do anything wrong in this situation,” when we know that we did, or “I am an outgoing person,” when we actually are not, it will not improve our self confidence.

The key is in focusing on what is true about ourselves and encouraging ourselves to love who we are. Say that you have always felt bad about the fact that you can never come up with anything to say in social situations because you have a more introverted personality than those around you. Up until this point, you may have been giving yourself negative self talk, telling yourself, “Why can’t you just be like everybody else? You’re not outgoing enough. You’re too shy. Everybody is wondering what’s wrong with you,” and other related ideas.

As mentioned, it will not help to tell ourselves what is not true, so in this case you should steer away from saying things like, “I am outgoing.” Instead, focus on who you really are, but examine what is positive about that. Tell yourself, “I am interesting, and I have a lot to offer those who take the time to get to know me.” Remind yourself of what you do in your spare time that you accomplish while others are taking part in social activities, and tell yourself how special you are for having this difference.
Recognize that no one personality type is better than another, they are simply different. Whatever the case may be, you want to emphasis that your traits are just as valuable through your daily self confidence affirmations. This will enable to improve your  self-image with full confidence.

We have only One Goal- Your Success

Wishing You All The Best

Team Smart Disha



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